New Atlantica Private Server 2017

New Atlantica Private Server 2017


New Atlantica Server Argos

Version : 30516

Fitur :
you can get sheriff from isis quest
you can get mount and decoration from merc. Quest

Starter Pack

Free Blessing 30 Day Notrade
Free WoL 1k
Free Mount
Free Hair Decor
Free Clothes
Free License Pack 30Day
Free Jackpot License 30Day
Free 30 Day x4
Free Extra. iventory 30Day x4

Event :

Event Workload 500% Guild Only
Event Attack 450% Guild Only
Event Exp 3000%
Event Santa Vila No Limit
Event Goonzu No Limit
Complite Atlantica, for get new Wings Mount Costum

AoDay every month
Rate 1000% 2 day

Battle Point Exchange

box babylon 60 battle point
box pyramid 70 battle point
box shogun 80 battle point
box volcano 100 battle point
box conqueror 110 battle point
box freezing 120 battle point
box divine 140 battle point
box phoenix 180 battle point
box dragon *** 200 battle point
box evil 200 battle point
box pegasus 250 battle point

atlas ore 350 point battle
vial amnesia 1000 point battle
vial rebirth 500 point battle

merc room license perm 1000
merc room 30d 300
ext inven perm 1500
ext invent 30d 300
warior pack license 30d 300
Atlas, EXP book, Scroll, Blessing license, crystal temptation

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Game ini adalah game private server dan full upgrade, bagi kalian yang mau mencoba silahkan visit web dan server ini tidak ada bugger dan cheater.

Kaskus forum :

forum nyit-nyit :

Forum elitepvpers :

Dan itulah forum dan komunitas game ini, salam flame spear atlantian, come on join now and have fun this the game no maho, no lebay, no ngemis -ngemis, no bacot.

Terima kasih / thanks. ☺